Conquering Camping!

Over Memorial Day weekend I went on the most amazing camping trip ever! It was a huge family reunion, extended family and all, piled onto a cousin’s land up in some mountains near some river. I had a super awesome time, but wanted to try and take a break from technologies and ended up forgetting to really take any pictures!

So instead I will share with you two doodles I made of two of my most memorable experiences!

First is me shooting a gun for the very first time!

Shooting a gun for the first time!

Yes, he was wearing ghost PJ’s underneath his utilikilt.

My super awesome, very nice cousin helped me shoot his hand gun (actually I don’t even know what kind of gun it is…). I have this irrational fear of guns where I think they will explode at any place I touch them. So I was scared shit balls. He even had to pull the trigger for me the first time! And every time after I pulled the trigger on my own, I’d make a “ahheeeee” noise. But I came off the range grinning ear to ear, and apparently I hit every target I aimed at (which was two haha).

I still have my irrational fear of guns, but at least now I know I can hit the things I aim for should I ever need to shoot something?

The other awesome experience I doodled was “swimming” in the river!

I can't swim very well!

The water was so clear and so beautiful!

Honestly, the river was so shallow that it never even went up past my boobs. But I’m not a very strong swimmer, so there I was with my giant-ass floatie, inching out into the water while everyone was already partying in the river. (And to be fair, I kinda almost drowned the last time I went to a river. …kinda.)

But I ended up having a blast! I even walk/swam/floated all the way to the other side of the river!

So I guess I had a weekend of conquering some fears 🙂

I had so much fun this trip! Everyone brought their dogs that were galloping about all weekend. We made a giant bon fire. My girlfriend brought her silks that rigged up to a tree. It was fantastic! I can’t wait for our next reunion camping trip!

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Daily Drawing Challenge Begins!

Alright folks. I’ve been wanting to improve my drawing skills for a while now, but never really done anything about it. I’ve done a lot of “research” for tips to be a better drawer and I know it really comes down to three things.

  1. Draw.
  2. Draw more.
  3. Draw every day.

And I have been too lazy to do that, but finally, I have decided my journey begins today!

Today I drew some happy faces!


I came across this post on Andrea Zuill’s blog a while ago about how to draw characters and really liked what she had to say.

Her disclaimer before her mini tutorial was what really hit home with me.

If you use my tutorial I want you to:

  1. Sketch a little bit everyday, for at least a month.
  2. Allow the sketches to be crappy.  In fact, I give you permission to make crappy drawings.  How’s that!
  3. If you are sensitive about your work then don’t allow anyone to see your practice sketches.
  4. Repetition is more important than perfection with my tutorials.
  5. Use bold long pencil strokes and give yourself permission to lose control.
  6. When you let yourself lose control you are actually pushing your boundaries.  You are learning new things.

So following her instructions, I found some expressions I liked from Dani Jones’s blog and started drawing some faces!

I hope to keep this up even through my programming bootcamp. I read somewhere that even just 15 minutes of sketch practice every day can help. I plan to be on public transportation for 40 minutes a day, so I should have plenty of time if I did that and maybe some more before bed.

I am going to try to remember to post my daily drawings on my art tumblr every day. Maybe if I do something extra fancy, I will share it here 🙂

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Such Study! Very Wow!

BAM! I’m here!

For a while a thought, “Nah, let’s forget about blogging. I suck at it anyway.” But I have decided to give it another go!

For the last few months I have been super studying for this programming bootcamp in San Francisco. I was conditionally accepted in late February and then finally officially accepted for the June cohort! (So this may not be the best time for me to revive a blog if I am going to be in an intense coding bootcamp…)



I was super pumped when I first started studying. I have never studied so much or so hard in my entire life! Really. I skated by through all of my school years. Earned my BA by being lazy. This is the most work I have put into anything. I have never wanted anything more.

Then things got a little bit harder…

I think I understand what this is saying... I'll just read that again...

I think I understand what this is saying… I’ll just read that again…

But I was still feeling good. I was still picking things up relatively fast. Then all of a sudden, everything started going over my head!

Are these even words I'm supposed to know?! Maybe if I squint harder...

Are these even words I’m supposed to know?! Maybe if I squint harder…

I wasn’t sure what I was reading anymore. I was going through the exercises, but I couldn’t tell if I was absorbing anything… In fact I’m pretty sure I’m not!

Maybe if I push hard enough, my head will meld with my computer and all the knowledge will flow into my brain...

Maybe if I push hard enough, my head will meld with my computer and all the knowledge will flow into my brain…

I’m not sure my brain even works anymore sometimes. As I was uploading these drawings, I noticed that I named them me_study0, me_study1, me_study2, and me_study4… What happened to #3?!

Also, do these doodles look blurry to you? I can’t tell if they are or if I’ve just been staring at the screen for too long… everything is just slightly blurry… bahahahha… ok. Enough procrastination. Back to studying!

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ZOMG Firefly Board Game!

For Christmas, my girlfriend’s dad bought us the Firefly board game. I was so excited I ended up playing the game by myself in the middle of his living room in the evening when no one else wanted to play it with me! haha

It is super fucking awesome! Especially for Firefly fans. The rulebook may look long and intimidating, there may be many parts and pieces, but I tell you, it is worth the time to learn it because… it’s super fucking awesome! Half of the rule book is just little blurbs that you can skim over anyway.

Players get to be a captain of a Firefly class ship and fly through the ‘Verse picking up different jobs and such. You can hire different crew, mechanics are good to have cause you know how those Firefly ships break down in the middle of Reaver territory… You can also buy things like explosives and grenades, Jayne’s hat and Kaylee’s pink dress! The game comes with several story cards with different storylines and goals to complete that make you feel like you are just a part of another Firefly episode sometimes.

We finally got the chance to play it with another friend who has played once before. She whooped our asses! We all stayed away from Niska’s jobs because we’ve seen the show. We are terrified to work for him. haha

As you can see in the picture above, the game takes up a lot of space! There are so many cards and pieces, which actually makes it more fun for me haha But I tried to play by myself again recently and realized not only was it hard for me to find a table big enough to play this game, there were so many cards that they were kind of hard to reach sometimes (I have short arms and a big head… No really, my head is way bigger than my girlfriend’s). So I decided to make a little web app that would take care of the Nav Card decks!

I’m pretty new to programming so I haven’t quite gotten it down yet, but once I get it done I hope to share it with some other Browncoats and see if they find if helpful for them while playing 🙂 We could just pass a phone around to draw Nav Cards instead of having to reach across the board each time you move one sector!



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Paper Doodles

A while ago my girlfriend found Lynda Barry’s Tumblr and it has been a real inspiration for me to try and draw/doodle more.

My many expressions

My many expressions

I also came across Gary Panter’s Drawing Tips which has also inspired me to attempt to fill a notebook with my doodles.

Trying to capture the essence of Nick

Trying to capture the essence of Nick

It’s been a few months now, I think, but I still have no full notebooks to show…

Apparently the one that looks the least like him, captures his essence the best

Apparently the one that looks the least like him, captures his essence the best

In fact, I don’t think I’ve managed to draw every day for an entire week yet! Life keeps getting in the way… Honestly though, life has been a little crazy as of late. I’m not sure if I am taking care of myself in the right way in this situation, but I hope to God I am taking care of my girlfriend in the right way at least. I feel a little selfish saying this, but I hope it returns to some normalcy soon…

Until then, I hope I keep doodling!

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Musical Arting

Wow. So. Long time no post. What have I been doing?! Nothing much really besides being real lazy. Did I ever mention I recently joined a band? Victoria and the Vaudevillains. This is us at a show last week!

And this one is from my first show ever at the beginning of August! (or maybe July? I don’t remember)

This one is just me and one of our zombies at SteamStock2013.

My girlfriend says I always look really stressed when I’m playing, but that’s because I probably am super nervous lol that’s something I’ll need to work on! I’m always super awkward when I’m up there and Victoria is introducing the band members. When she gets to me, I just do a really awkward version of the hannah-dance, and make no eye contact with anyone in the audience EVER. Also something I need to work on.

Here’s a cool shot my partner took from backstage during sound check.

I’ve told myself that I’m going to spend more time with music. Hopefully I hold true to that.


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Have a Robot

Robot with a robot flower.

Robot with a robot flower.

This is my robot, Kappy. I used to doodle him a lot in class, but less round and more squared and angular. I guess while I haven’t been doodling, he’s been munching on some robot junk food? Or he’s had his edges roughed out? He’s always liked flowers though.

Also, keeping up a blog is hard! Who knew.

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Dyke March 2013

Happy Belated Pride!!!


YAY! It’s PRIDE! And I’m prancing around Dolores Park like a happy pony among all the lesbians before Dyke March!

Except I was still sick, so that depiction of me should really be more like…

Oh yay, it's Pride, can I have another tissue please?

Oh yay, it’s Pride, can I have another tissue please? Oh is it time to sit down now on the grass and then fall to my side and curl up into a little ball? Wake me up when Dyke March starts…

Which I really did lay down and almost fall asleep at one point. haha But I still had a pretty good time, check it out!

Me, my great grand little and my grand little from my queer sorority!

Me, my great grand little and my grand little from my queer sorority!

We are in the Rice and Bean’s family!

This is me and my great grand little and my beautiful girlfriend!

This is me and my great grand little and my beautiful girlfriend!

It was my great grand little’s birthday, so we thanked everyone at Dolores for coming out to her fantastic birthday party!

Check out all the people who attended!

What should be a sea of lesbians...

What should be a sea of lesbians…

But in all seriousness, any one else feel like Dolores this year was more of an open party than a space for dykes before the march? I was always told Dolores before Dyke March was supposed to be a sacred space for women folk, bio or not, but definitely women identified and specifically queer. I was discouraged from inviting too many or any male bodied friends. However, this year I felt like I saw more boys and straight people than ever.

Perhaps it was the bringing down of DOMA. Perhaps it was because there was no LovEvolution this year. I don’t really know. But Dyke March did not feel like my community this year. And I was disappointed. Did anyone else feel the same?

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Scooter in a Nutshell

This is my cat Scooter saying, “What. This is my box that I worked really hard to knock over and made a nest of your clothes. I don’t want to sit in that cat bed down there that you bought specifically for me.”

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I’m sick and everything is terrible

Last night I had a tickle in my throat. I thought, “No biggie, probably nothing.” and chugged some Emergen-C. But as I tried to sleep, my throat was getting more and more uncomfortable and I felt my uvula (the dangly thing at the back of your mouth) getting irritated and swollen or some shit. Point is, I couldn’t sleep.

siiiiiick....need sleeeeeeep....

Me not asleep with my lovely girlfriend completely oblivious and sound asleep. Also, see how she is in the middle of the bed. (Did I mention how lovely she is?)

I tried to turn over on to my stomach, hoping my uvula would be less irritated that way. I think it worked because I would start to doze off, but then I’d wake myself up by snoring as I fell asleep…

Somehow I managed to get through the night and my girlfriend got up and left for work. I was feeling sicker, but my uvula felt better so I was ready to get some extra sleep. But then my fucking upstairs neighbor starting blasting death metal!

Me not getting extra sleep because the upstairs neighbor is blasting death metal.

Me not getting extra sleep because the upstairs neighbor is blasting death metal.

Ugh. I hate him. He is an entirely different story. Anyway. Fine. No sleep.

I will drink hot tea. To death metal.

Hot tea. Still sick.

Hot tea is hot. Life is terrible.

I will eat hot ramen because I have no chicken noodle soup at home. And listen to more death metal of not my choice.

Hot ramen. Still sick.

Hot ramen is hot. Still sick. Can’t taste all the sodium. Mmm sodium…

And I will make a blog post about how I am sick and how terrible everything is. To more metal…

Hot...laptop? Overheating... uh oh.

My drawings are surprisingly terrible considering how I’m trying to draw on this fancy tablet my girlfriend got me.

Ugh. I just want to be able to take a nap before my work shift tonight! Maybe life isn’t terrible because I am sick, but because I have this fucking upstairs neighbor.

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